Gonna ramble at you now and then, lucky thing!

I’ve always wanted to right a blog but up until recently I thought technology was out of my skill set. Well I bring this very first blog post to you, via the website that I built at 32 years old.... What a flex. 

I don’t have anything in mind to talk about with these so most likely there isn’t much point in reading them unless you are curious as to what runs through my head. It’s a lot of different, unconnected garbage mostly but hey, goals are goals.

This week I’ve been prepping for the Artists Open Houses, and if you’ve made it to this blog post via my socials you will have seen me going on about it A LOT.

Spent all weekend flitting about every single room in my house at once because I like to clean the whole thing at once, anyone else use this method? 

I’m actually sat on my self appointed break from unclogging garden drains and binning all the plants I killed which up until now have been decorating my flat Addams Family style.

If you are going to be popping in at some point over the next few weeks, feel free to BYOB. ;) 

That’s me done, first blog ever done.

Have a great day!

Lucy x



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